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Mathematics is an alluring and inspiring subject that has captivated inquisitive minds for thousands of years. We feel happy to share you that LOGICAL Intelligence MONTHLY ACTIVITY 1 Math puzzle solving Group competition was conducted from Grade 1 to 8.

Rubic cube solving

MATHEMATICS IS NOT ABOUT NUMBERS,EQUATIONS, COMPUTATION OR ALGORITHM IT IS ABOUT UNDERSTANDING, Happily our students from Grade 4 to 8 participated in Rubic Cube Competition

Athletics Competition

We feel happy to share you that Pondicherry Amateur Athletics Association Under the Auspices of Sports Development Authority of Puducherry conducted 4th Kids Athletics Championships 2023-24.In which many of our Raja's and Rani's participated and won prizes.

Fancy Dress Competition

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it". Happily our little Champs from Pre-Primary to Grade:4 participated in Fancy Dress Competition with Energy, Enthusiasm and Ease.

Pongal Celebration

We celebrated The Indian harvest Festival " Pongal " in a traditional way with Love,Joy, Happiness, Excitement and Fun. Our lovable teachers prepared pongal in a traditional way and shared it with Our Rajas and Ranis. Tractor ride made our warm hearted Rajas and Ranis very much excited. We conducted a traditional and incredibly fun game Uriyadi . Silambatam, Songs, Speech, Music and the Vibrant Dance performances by the Achariyans energized everyone.

Latest Competition

💐💐 Happy to share that Our Student Nikshita fof Grade 10 won first 🏆 prize in Dual performance in Classical and Group performance, programme was held Achariya TT campus. Grand Finale conducted this competition.

Republic day Celebration

Happy Greetings! Republic day celebrated in a grand manner in our campus. Programme started with Flag hoisting by Executive Principal ji Mr. Jai followed by Students speech and Patriotic classical dance performed by our students. Jai Hind🇮🇳

Pongal Celebration

Pongal Celebration in our campus. Traditional Pongal cooked and served. Students preformed traditional dance. Prize distribution for Kolam competition.

Wrestling competition

✨💐💐 Happy to share our Achariya 💫🌟⭐Champions Wrestling competition. Lions Wrestling Sports Academy conducted Wrestling championship 🏆 our students won 🎊the runner up trophy in 5th State level Championship. Congratulations my dear Achariyans.🎉👏👏👏🙏🫡🥇

The following winners list:
1. Yogeswaran XI C Gold Sub Junior
2. Raja Pravin kumar Grade XIC Gold Sub Junior
3. Raja Selvasivam Grade XI B Gold Sub Junior
4. Rani Selvambigai Grade IX C Gold Sub Junior
5. Raja Akash Grade X C Bronze Sub Junior
6. Raja Sanjay Grade C Bronze Sub Junior
7. Akash

KHELO India Youth games

Happy Greetings! KHELO INDIA YOUTH games conducted at Harayana 2021. 36th National games at Gujarat 2022 conducted All round champion for Malkhamb. Our Achariyan Rani Nithyasree of Grade 10. 37th national games at goa 2023 position. She scored 6th position. All round championship 5 position. Congratulations


The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments". Happily our Achariyans celebrated Christmas to create best memories.. Our little Champs showcased their talents in Different dance performances ,Lively Skit and Parallel activities. The whole Auditorium vibed for Santa Claus and enjoyed the moment.

Theme project

The happy schooling believes in imparting 21st century skills based education for life. Smart work + hard work = Achievement with passion and dedication our outstanding young minds from grade 1 to 8 presented their theme project on unique themes by doing parallel activities and proved their Excellency.Our respected Managing Director Dr. Arawindhan ji and Honourable Senior Principal Mrs. Shalini ji, Executive principal Dr jais ji, witnessed the projects and encouraged the little champs.

Saffron Day Celebration

Happily, willingly, Smilingly PrePrimary children were celebrated saffron day on December 8th 2023 saffron day to raises awareness about organ donation and it symbolizes sacrifice and we celebrate to express the spirit of sacrifice among children.

Abacus Competition

Happily, Willingly and Smilingly SIP Arithmetic Genius All India Inter- School contest was conducted. In which our Raja's and Rani's participated happily and received Certificates.

Karthigai Deepam Celebration

“There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” With all love,joy and happiness our Achariyans have celebrated KARTHIGAI DEEPAM to spread Positivity, Possibility and Prosperity

Gala Day Celebration

"Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow. "With all love, joy and happiness Our Achariyans of ASM-VL have showcased their unique abilities,talents and aspirations in different art forms and celebrated children's day as a " GALA DAY" Our wonderful Achariyans enjoyed throughout the day with loads of happiness.

Fancy Dress Competition

"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it". Happily our little Champs of Pre-Primary participated in Fancy Dress Competition with Energy, Enthusiasm and Ease.

Handwriting Competition

Celebrating the Art of Handwriting In a world where technology has made communication faster and more efficient, the art of handwriting has taken a backseat. But there are still those who appreciate the beauty and personal touch of a handwritten note, and for them, we present the Handwriting Competition.The competition was held in the school. The participants, ranging from grade 1-8, were given a topic on which they had to write a letter, in their best handwriting. The judges, who were experts in calligraphy and handwriting, assessed the entries based on criteria such as legibility, creativity, and neatness.The competition was divided into different categories, based on age groups, and the winners were announced at the end of the event. The event was a huge success, with participants and onlookers alike marveling at the beauty of the written word. It was a reminder that in this digital age, the art of handwriting is still alive, and it is something that we should all strive to preserve.So, let us all take a moment to appreciate the beauty of handwriting and make an effort to keep this art form alive.

Newspaper Reading Competition

The Thrill of Reading The students from grade 6, 7 and 8 participated in the Newspaper Reading Competition. The competition, organized by the English department aimed to promote the habit of reading among young pupil and improve their cognitive, analytical, and communication skills, was conducted on 19/06/2023 . The event was divided into three rounds- preliminary, semi-final, and final. In each round, the participants had to read a newspaper article of their choice and present a summary of it, in front of the judges and audience. The judges evaluated the participants, based on their comprehension, articulation, and overall presentation.The competition was an impressive display of reading prowess, as students read articles on diverse topics, such as politics, sports, science, and entertainment. Some participants even added their own opinions and insights to the articles, showcasing their critical thinking skills.

Kreya competition

"Creativity is one of the superpowers that can help you become the best version of yourself and make the world a better place". Happily our Grade:6 to 8 children participated in Intra school Kreya Competition and presented their activities in a creative way.

Scouts and Guides

Happily 14 of our ASM-VL Scouts and Guides students from Achariya Achievers Troop completed 4 days PLT camp from 24.11.2023 to 27.11.2023 at Lawspet.They were enriched on Flag ceremony system, Court of Honour,Wood badge of science,Knot, Estimation and Compass by the well trained scout masters.

Arangetram at Kamban Kalaiarangam

We feel happy to share you that Certificates of Arangetram have been awarded to Rani.Shevalini and Rani.Vaishnavi for the successfull presentation of Bharadhanatyam On 29th October, 2023 during their Arangetram at Kamban Kalaiarangam, Puducherry.

Essay Writing Competition

"The essay is a literary device for saying almost everything about almost anything". Intra school English essay writing competition was conducted on 9.11.2023 from Grade:4 to 8 to develop their Linguistic Intelligence

Rangoli Competition

Rangoli is the best way to express feeling of happiness Our Grade 6 to 8 children participated in Intra School Rangoli competition with lots of creativity and happiness.

Contribution to Orphanage

"A helping hand can be a ray of sunshine in a cloudy world".

We live busy lives, and often forget the empty void that is in the heart of every orphan child.So our Achariyans of ASM-Villianur contributed the daily needs to the following Orphanages on 10.11.2023. Baby Sara orphanage at Ariyankuppam Orphanage rainbow at Ariyankupam Santhosh Nanban Orphanage at Koodapakam Jwala Home at Murungapakam to help them celebrate Diwali with full of joy and happiness. Cracker free Diwali was celebrated by all our Achariyans at ASM Villianur.

Foodie Day

Happily FOODIE DAY was Celebrated on 7.7.2023. Every class was allotted either of the states of India its traditional dress code and healthy food habits. All the Classrooms turned to be so colourful and filled with healthy food and its awareness. This awareness lead to healthy lifestyle.

Santhisha Nanban orphanage

Joyfully and with open hearts, our students generously donated 💰crackers, sweets, stationary items, groceries, and even umbrellas to the Santhisha Nanban orphanage🏡. With enthusiasm and a spirit of giving, our students happily contributed to make a difference in the lives of those at the orphanage. Brimming with kindness, our students willingly shared their resources, bringing smiles to the faces of the residents at Santhisha Nanban. Graciously and with a sense of joy, our students supported the orphanage by providing not only financial aid but also essential items for daily living. Radiating positivity, our students, with smiles on their faces, made meaningful contributions to the Santhisha Nanban orphanage, fostering a sense of community and compassion.

Career Guidance

Delighted to announce the successful Career Guidance session led by Dr. Ramachandran from the Add Value team at Achariya Group of Educational Institution for grade 12 students.

Excited to inform you that the Add Value team, headed by Dr. Ramachandran, recently organized a Career Guidance session for grade 12 at Achariya Group of Educational Institution.

Pleased to share the news of the insightful Career Guidance session conducted by Dr. Ramachandran and the Add Value team for grade 12 students at Achariya Group of Educational Institution.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a national level campaign by the Government of India, covering 4041 statutory towns, to clean the streets, roads and infrastructure of the country. Happily The Bharat Scouts and Guides and NCC students of ASM-VL went on a rally to Gangai Natheshwarar Temple at Thirukanchi.

Inaugural function of young speakers

Happy to share the glimpse of the INAUGURAL FUNCTION OF YOUNG SPEAKERS SESSION for GRADE 6,7,8 CHILDREN which was conducted by our EXECUTIVE PRINCIPAL Dr. JAIS JI at ACHARIYA SIKSHA MANDIR. This will bring out many young buds to evolve out as successful public speakers.

Royal Riders Bike Riding Club Grand Inaugral Function

Happily, Willingly and Smilingly Royal Riders Bike Riding Club Grand Inaugural Function was done on Saturday (30.9.2023) by The chief Guest Mr.Premkumar ji, who is the Secretary of Puducherry Cycling Association. This is an extra-ordinary initiative to enrich, empower and ensure Achariyans as Safe Riders.


We feel happy to share you that 5th MAMMEN CHERIAN MEMORAL INTER SCHOOL MEET 2023-24 was held at The Study L'ecole Internationale Puducherry. In which our Achariyans Rani.Rushitha of Grade: 3 has secured First place in Long Jump and Third place in 30mts under 8 category. Raja.Yashvanth of Grade:6 has secured First place in Ball Throw under 12 category. The winners were honoured by The senior Principal Mrs.Shalini ji and Executive Principal Dr.Jais ji.

Dining Hall Opening

Happily, willingly and smilingly the grand opening of Raja's and Rani's Dining Lounge was held at Achariya College Auditorium on 20th sep 2023 in the August presence of Mr.Kumara Krishnan, Executive Chef.Accord, Puducherry. This is a great initiative by ACHARIYA Villianur team to enrich the children on Table Manners in a high-fy way to make the practice of eating with others in a pleasant and sociable way. This will inculcate good eating habits and etiquettes.

Grand Parents Day Celebration

We Celebrate Grandparents day every year. It's a Grand gala celebration, floating with fun and frolic. Grandparents play a key role in the lives of children. Grandchildren happily did Padha pooja and got blessings from their Grandparents. Then games Were conducted for the grandparents and Prizes for winners were declared at the End of the day. The day was filled with joy and happiness.

Nagaland Teachers

Happily , Willingly and Smilingly our MD ji has arranged teachers from Nagaland, exclusively for Preprimary kids, to improve their communication skills in English.

Chrandrayan - 3 Launching viewed by our Students

Student's Enrichment Session

Star class of the Week Grade 10 & 12

Parents Orientation Session

Science towards our country’s development

We are very much delighted to announce that Sahodaya School Complex Puducherry has organized various activities under the theme ‘Science towards our country’s development’. Rani. Abinaya M of class X has participated in the event and won First Prize. Our heartiest Congratulations to Rani. Abinaya.

The Star Class of the week

Last Week our Principal Mr. Mohamed Farook Ji has introduced a rolling trophy in the name of ‘The Star Class of the week’ to bring in a good culture amongst the students. The criteria for this week were Proper grooming, effective usage of students diary, healthy eating habits. After the keen observation by the officials, Class IX-A and XII-C were identified as ‘Star Class of the Week’. We believe this award can be a motivation to improve their abilities further. We convey our heartiest wishes to the students of Class IX-A and XII-C.

International Yoga Day Celebration

Yoga Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

NEET Felicitation for our Achariyans Grade 12

Happy to share that G20 programme held at Jipmer Auditorium on 15.06.23. Our Achariyans participated and various cultural programs were conducted on the the theme of G 20, NEP, FLN. Programs like Quiz , drawing, dance, and role were conducted. Our students took part in mime show and dance show, and received the memento and Certificates.

Women's day Celebration

Happy to share that, Sahodaya School Complex Puducherry organised the Inter School competition marking the India's Presidency period of G20, Billabong High International School organised slogan writing competition with the theme "Vital role of Science and technology in Global development. Our Achariyans bring laurels to our school, they got 🥇 First prize in Mime competition and also got Participation certificate in slogan writing competition.

Water Conservation

‘All For Water For All’ (A4W4A), a collective of individuals and organisations working in the Puducherry-Villupuram-Auroville-Cuddalore (PVAC) organized, the third edition of the seven-week-long WaterFest ‘23 which held from February 2 (World Wetlands Day) to March 22 (World Water Day) and conducted many activities for school students. In which the students of grade 9 from ASM,VL- CBSE participated in poster making to create awareness about water conservation.


‘All For Water For All’ (A4W4A), a collective of individuals and organisations working in the Puducherry-Villupuram-Auroville-Cuddalore (PVAC) organized, the third edition of the seven-week-long WaterFest ‘23 which held from February 2 (World Wetlands Day) to March 22 (World Water Day) and conducted many activities for school students. In which the students of grade 9 from ASM,VL- CBSE participated in poster making to create awareness about water conservation.

28th International Yoga festival

Happy to share that our Achariyans participated in 28th International Yoga festival 2023.️This event was organised by Department of Education, Puducherry. Mass yoga Demonstration done by our students.👏👏👏 our Achariyans demonstrated Malkhamb in the 28th International Yoga Festival 2023 conducted by Puducherry Department of Tourism.

Blessing day

Blessing day conducted in our Campus. Parents and Students participated enthusiastically and got blessings from the parents. Parental blessings refers to positive forces that follow you and bring you good luck due positive words spoken forth over your life by those with parental authority over you.

Achariya Floral Kingdom

A clean environment is necessary for keeping us healthy. The clean and green 🌿ecosystem provides us with fresh air and pollution is also reduced. We can save the planet by conserving trees, natural vegetation etc.. Green makes us to appreciate the color of environmental loveliness. As a part of it, our students of grade 9 has taken promise to ensure Green Achariya. The project named 'ACHARIYA FLORAL KINGDOM ' is started on 29.11.2022 . Students contributed plant saplings and they were kept in each class . This inculcates the importance of plants and trees in children's mind.

National Integration day

ASMVL (CBSE 9-12): Unity in Diversity is a powerful slogan which always implies the unity of our country. National Integration brings all the people together in peace and harmony. A Nation's Growth and development depends on its unity and integrity. India is a country of splendid diversity, yet represents unity. There is diversity in the culture, traditions, customs and languages of the people, but we are all united as Indians. To commemorate National Integration day, Students of Achariya Siksha Mandir, Villianur (9-12) celebrated National Integration day by demonstrating a skit and showcased their patriotism in the form of taking National Integration Day Pledge.

Veer Ghata Project

Achariya celebrates the proudest moment in hosting the VEER GHATA Project.. An interaction with the school students by Gallantry Awardee… Gallantry Awards have been instituted by the Government of India to honour the acts of bravery and sacrifice of the personnel of the Armed Forces, other lawfully-constituted Forces and Civilians. These gallantry awards are announced twice in a year on the occasion of Republic Day and Independence Day. In order to disseminate the details of acts of bravery and life stories of these brave-hearts among the students, Ministry of Defence in coordination with Ministry of Education launched Project Veergatha Edition -2. As a part of it Sahodaya School Complex Puducherry, organized ‘An Interaction Session with Gallantry Awardee – Group Captain Abhay Satish Parandekar VM (G) on 3rd November 2022 (Thursday) at Achariya Siksha Mandir in which students, teachers and Principal of more than 25 CBSE schools have participated. The session started with the welcome note of Mr. Natesan Kanguean, President of Sahodaya School Complex Puducherry. The Chieft guest Group Captain Abhay Satish Parandekar VM (G) hoisted The National flag, School Flag and Sahodaya Flag. The Chief Mentor of Achariya Group of Educational Institutions Dr. J Arawindan and Mr. Mohamed Farook, Secretary of Sahodaya School Complex Puducherry felicitated the Chief Guest. The chief guest inspired the students by his words. The session concluded with the vote of thanks by Mr. Marimuthu, Treasurer of Sahodaya School Complex Puducherry.

75th Independence Day Celebration

Like every year Achariya Siksha Mandir, Villianur celebrates Independence day with great pomp and splendour, Today the sense of happiness and pride could be clearly seen on the faces of every one as India is celebrating its 75th Independence Day. Mrs. Helen Rani, State Coordinator in Samagra Shiksha, Education Department, Puducherry was invited to be the Chief Guest. The chief guest hoisted the National flag and gave a speech on the importance of Independence Day and the responsibilities of future generations. The students of gave a speech of Independence and about the freedom fighters. The students played the role of Veerapandia Kattabomman, Jansi Rani Lakshmi Bai and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. To mark this occasion still more meaningful, the students made a national flag measuring 403 sq.feet by hand prints. Finally all the students payed tribute to the brave warriors who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our motherland. Jai Hind..

Anti Tobacco Week

Usage of tobacco and drugs are becoming a common habit for today's students. Nearly 267 million adults (15 years and above) in India (29% of all adults) are users of tobacco, according to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey India, As an educational institution ( Achariya) we play a vital role in shaping up our students, future society on how to overcome the bad habits. Quitting smoking is a journey. The addict is the driver.

Inspiration and motivation are the fuel, and a method is the map. The Cognitive Behavioral Quitting (CBQ) Method, which is world-renowned for its effectiveness, of how to become a happy nonsmoker through behavioural and psychological treatment. with slogans like You are greater than your addiction. You were born to be smoke-free. Achariya is always a pioneer institution for bringing about changes in all the fields needed for personality development. We conducted Anti- tobacco week competitions (PPT presentation & Poster making) for students of classes IX to XII group wise. Many students participated with greater interest. The following are the samples of Poster Making Competition.

Yoga Day Celebration

Happily, Willingly and Smilingly we ACHARIYA SIKSHA MANDIR celebrated The International Yoga Day on 21 June 2022 in our campus. Students of grade 10 and 12 participated engertically. Our Yoga Master Mr. Moorthy ji lead the programme and guided the students to perform with greater enthusiasm..The students were enriched Physically, Mentally and Spritually... The programme was made successful adding energy, strength and beauty to both the soul and mind.. Thank you